English for ESL Children class

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English for ESL Children class

Post  ESLC Team on Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:09 am

Hi, we are happy to provide this section for all: parents wanting to teach their children (especially if you live in a country where English is the first language and you are a foreigner, but also for native speakers!), teachers in preschool or primary school, but also it is true for all students finding sometimes some fun to study with this kind of material Very Happy .

We don't pretend to provide, even with time, a full knowledgeable base to teach children, but our goal is to select good material that we think to be educative, and to share this material with other.

If you have any comments about this class let us know in this topic, or by private message to our staff members:
ESL for Children, Mr Gendy

The ESLC Team


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