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How to use this forum

Post  ESLC Team on Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:35 pm

It is easy to be a part of this forum, in posting and communicating with others.

The forum is composed of three parts:
FORUM: This part is to talk about the forum in itself
WRITING: This part is to share about everything people like, let us know if you interested in more categories
CHATTING:This part is for people to know each other better in chatting, share their emails, and enlarge their own networks.

Each category is composed of many topics (Ex. FORUM > About the Forum (this is the category) > How to use this forum (this is the topic)
In each category you can choose what topic is interesting, and take part in the conversation in posting your comments.
In order to do this, click "PostReply", the button looks like this:

In a category, or in a topic, you may want to post a new thread.
Ex. In the category "Literature", you may want to create a topic talking about a book you like. Go in "Literature", then click "NewThread", the button looks like this:

I hope this have been useful, however, if there are more questions, post in this thread:
FORUM > About the FORUM > How to use this forum > (<<< or simply click here if you new and want to ask how this forum works Very Happy )

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