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Uncountable nouns have no plural. They are only used in the singular.
Uncountable nouns are seen as masses without clear boundaries, and not as separate objects.
They can be divided into different groups:

liquids /water
mass / nouns salt
solid mass nouns / cheese
collective nouns / generic terms / fruit
material / wood
abstract words / luck

Uncountable nouns cannot be used with ‘a / ‘an or numbers.
The following determiners can be used with uncountable nouns:

some / some traffic
much / not much / much / not much traffic
a lot of /a lot of traffic
little / little traffic

Countable nouns can be used with ‘a / ‘an or numbers.
The following determiners con be used with countable nouns:

a / an / a car
one /one car
many / not many /many / not many cars
a lot of / a lot of cars
few /few cars

To give an uncountable noun a countable meaning,
a phrase is used in front of the uncountable noun:

a _______________ of /a piece of information
two ____________s of / two pieces of advice

Some words can be used as uncountable nouns and countable nouns with a change in meaning:

glass / a glass (a container for drinking)
hair / a hair (a single hair in the soup) Wink
noise / a noise (a specific noise)
paper (material for writing on) / a paper (a newspaper)
room (space) / a room (a room in a house)
time / a time (a specific time)

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