PROVERB - "Every cloud has a silver lining"

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PROVERB - "Every cloud has a silver lining"

Post  Vincent Law on Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:25 pm

PROVERB - "Every cloud has a silver lining":

You can derive some benefit from every bad thing that happens to you. (You can also refer to the silver lining of a particular cloud, the benefit you can derive from a particular misfortune.)
Something that you say which means that there is something good even in an unpleasant situation.

Ex: "I'm sorry your business is going badly, but don't despair. Every cloud has a silver lining." - "When Mary's friends visited her in the hospital, they tried to cheer her up, but Mary never could find the silver lining in the cloud of her illness." - "As the trip's been cancelled I'll be able to go to the match this Saturday. Every cloud has a silver lining."

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