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Post  rakauf on Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:02 am

Hello everyone!
We've created an online English club on Facebook. Our group, based in Bali Indonesia, is led by several native speakers and ESL teachers. Everyone in the group helps each other, by correcting errors and making suggestions. We encourage anyone who would like to join. In less than one week, since starting our club, we have more than 200 members and over a dozen active discussions, on a variety of topics. We created this group to give people a chance to practice their English, to learn and to share things about themselves and their cultures. We have only 3 rules: First, everything posted must be in English. Second, anything posted must be suitable for people of all ages.Third and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!
I hope many of you will join our group: the
Bali English Conversation and Dinner Club


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