"Hear" and "listen to"

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"Hear" and "listen to"

Post  axel on Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:53 am

"Hear" and "listen to"

In the first sentence, we use listen to:

• I like listening to classical music.

And in the second sentence, we use hear:

• Dogs (can) hear better than humans.

We use hear when we mean that we are aware of sounds in our ears.

• You'll have to speak louder. She can't hear you!
• I didn't hear you come home last night.

We use listen (to) when we pay attention and try to understand every sound.

• I love listening to Radio 4 while I have my breakfast.
• Can you say that again? I wasn't listening.

Be careful: You can't say listen something (without "to").

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