VOCABULARY - "Upside down"

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VOCABULARY - "Upside down"

Post  Vincent Law on Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:36 am

"Upside down":

1. (usually postpositive; upside-down when prenominal) turned over completely; inverted
2. Informal confused; muddled; topsy-turvy an upside-down world

1. in an inverted fashion
2. in a chaotic or crazy manner
[variant, by folk etymology, of earlier upsodown]


"(Typically: be ~; get ~.) upside-down"
Fig. in a financial state such that one owes more money on a car, truck, house, etc., than its resale value.
"When I tried to trade in the car, I found that I was upside-down and couldn't close the deal without more money." - "I took a loan period that was too long and was upside-down in two years."

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