TEACHING - Teaching and Learning Framework

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TEACHING - Teaching and Learning Framework

Post  Vincent Law on Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:41 am

At the heart of the Effective Schools Framework sits Teaching and Learning, with a focus on strong classroom instruction. In order to ensure continuous academic growth and high levels of student achievement, all teachers must engage their students in rigorous and relevant classroom instruction that improves their academic and social-emotional skills and abilities.

The Framework’s Purpose
Guided by the district’s core beliefs, the Teaching and Learning Framework has been developed with three purposes:

- Provide clear expectations for teachers
- Align professional development and support
- Support a fair and transparent educator assessment system

Why DCPS Needs a Teaching and Learning Framework:
The Teaching and Learning Framework provides a common language to discuss instructional practices and teacher actions. It also provides clear expectations for teachers and will drive coherent, robust professional development, systems of support and evaluation.

What Makes the Teaching and Learning Framework Unique
The Framework provides a comprehensive approach to the teaching profession. It is not a program or a curriculum, but rather, a way of thinking.

Many programs and curricula fit into the Framework. For example, when analyzing standards, teachers might use Doug Reeve’s process as outlined in Unwrapping the Standards or the Insight Education Group’s Strategic Design.

When choosing strategies to support learning for all students, teachers might use a variety of proven approaches, such as cooperative learning, graphic organizers, discussion sessions, a workshop model or independent study.

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