GRAMMAR - Various Types of Derivatives

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GRAMMAR - Various Types of Derivatives

Post  Vincent Law on Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:52 pm

In outline, the derivative can be grouped into two, namely:
The establishment of a verb :
beauty (noun) + -fy : beautify
justice (noun) + - fy : justify
quick (adj ) + -en : quicken
wide (adj) + -en : widen
deep (adj) + -en : deepen
broad (adj) + -en : broaden

The establishment of a noun:
Verb + -ion ; -ment ; -er ; -or ; -ace ; -ist
Adjective + -ness ; -ity ; -nce ; -th

I. Inflextional Affixes
Inflextional affixes are all forms of affixes, either prefix or suffix attached to a base word, but the results did not change the fonts in word formation type of the original word. In English, the function of inflextional affixes are:
1. To form the plural
book + s = books
glass + es = glasses
ox + en = oxen
child + en = children

2. To demonstrate the property
John's book
Its colour
Niken's sweater

3. Add tense-ed showed changes
He worked hard yesterday
They studied well last month.

4. Affixes-s to be used as a pointer in the third person singular in present tense.

He comes to the office every day.
She writes a letter every Sunday.

II. Derivational Affixes
Derivational affixes are all forms of affixes, both prefixes and suffixes on a word basis and then generate a new kind words. See the diagram:
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