Personal pronouns and possessives

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Personal pronouns and possessives

Post  Vincent Law on Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:11 pm

Personal subject pronouns go before the verb:

"I stayed at home."
"You need another blanket."
"He wants to buy a new car."
"She is studying Catalan."
"It barks a lot." (It is used to refer to things, animals and the weather: It is raining.)
"We never eat garlic."
"You read a lot."
"They are good friends."

However, we place the auxiliary verb before subject pronouns in questions:

"Can you help me?"
"Has she got the comic?"
"Does he write very often?"

Personal object pronouns come after verbs and prepositions:

"She loves me."
"We sent you a letter."
"We went with him."
"He adores her."
"I saw it with my own eyes."
"They have just invited us to their wedding."
"Margaret believes in you."
"We don't like them."

A possessive adjective is followed by a noun:

"This is my van."
"Your lorry is very big."
"His house is enormous."
"Her face is beautiful."
"Its wing is broken."
"Our engagement will be announced tomorrow."
"Your son is very clever."
"Their work was excellent."

A possessive pronoun is not followed by a noun, that is, it stands alone:

"This book is mine."
"This pencil case is yours."
"Mary is a relative of his."
"I've found hers."
"Ours need watering."
"Yours are bigger than mine."
"These are your notebooks and those are theirs."
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