Prepositions : 'in' and 'at'

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Prepositions : 'in' and 'at' Empty Prepositions : 'in' and 'at'

Post  Vincent Law on Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:16 pm

Prepositions : 'in' and 'at' Prepos10

+ 'AT': We use 'at' for specific addresses.

"I live at England Garden."

We also use at with places.

"at the cinema"
"at the corner"
"at the airport"
"at the lobby"

+ 'IN': We use 'in' for the names of towns, states, countries etc.

"I live in Sydney."

We also use in with spaces.

"in a room"
"in the garden"
"in the lobby"
"in the park"
"in the airport"*

* In indicates you are inside the airport, whereas with 'at' you could be standing outside the airport.
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