Dolls & Dress-Ups: Language Stimulation Handout

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Dolls & Dress-Ups: Language Stimulation Handout

Post  Vincent Law on Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:08 pm

It’s that time again…. language stimulation using toys and activities that your child regularly engages in. Today we will be focusing on dolls and dress-ups. Print this simple 1 page handout to find out how to get more language into and out of your child!


- Verbs: Lists a number of verbs to model and stimulate with reference to the specific toy.

- Describe: Lists adjectival categories (e.g color, shape) to use when describing and labeling toys.

- Play & Social skills: Lists a range of play/social skills to work on, such as turn taking and joint attention

- Vocabulary: Lists things such as nouns, categories and concepts to target.

Parents: For parents who want to stimulate their child’s language, these 1 page handout will provide you with an idea of the different types of language that you can model and develop, as well as specific vocabulary to target. Put it on the floor with you the next time that you are playing with your child as your reference tool.
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