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Post  Vincent Law on Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:24 pm

'Thanks' and 'Thank' Thank-10

Which one is correct — "Thank you Jim" or "Thanks Jim"?

+ They're both correct. "Thanks" is slightly more informal, but otherwise, they both mean the same, a statement of gratitude.

Although they're both correct, they have a difference.

"Thanks" is a noun, and can be used like this:

"Give James my thanks./ I give you my thanks."(when speaking face to face)

Hence, the today's expression, "Thanks, Jim".

"Thank you", the "thank" is a verb, and is actually a shortening of the phrase "I thank you". So, you'd probably not say "Give Jim my thank-you", but "Give Jim my thanks."

Otherwise, they are interchangeable.

+ "Thanks" is another way of saying "thank you".

- The difference is that "thanks" is a noun used for
An expression of gratitude: "Festivals were held to give thanks for the harvest."
A feeling of appreciation: "They expressed their thanks and wished her well."

- "Thank" is a verb, and it means "express gratitude."

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