PUN - Toad / Towed

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PUN - Toad / Towed

Post  Vincent Law on Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:41 am

PUN - "Toad / Towed":

The pronunciation of these two words is close enough to create this pun ("pun" means a joke based on the play of words).

- Toad : Any of numerous tailless amphibians chiefly of the family Bufonidae, related to and resembling the frogs but characteristically more terrestrial and having a broader body and rougher, drier skin.
- Towed: (tr) to pull or drag (a vehicle, boat, etc.), especially by means of a rope or cable.

The joke here means that the TOAD lost its car because it has been TOWED, probably by the police (it happens when a car is not parked in an authorized parking spot). Therefore the toad has to use the bus.
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