IDIOM - To "ride off in all directions "

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IDIOM - To "ride off in all directions "

Post  Vincent Law on Wed May 02, 2012 12:48 pm

IDIOM - To "ride off in all directions ":

1. Fig. [for people] to scatter, riding something, such as a horse or a bicycle.
Ex:"The boys hopped on their bikes and rode off in all directions. The sheriff got the posse together and they rode off in all directions, looking for the bank robber."
2. Fig. to behave in a totally confused manner; to try to do everything at once.
Ex: "Bill has a tendency to ride off in all".

Fig. [for people] to set out to do something or go somewhere in an aimless and disorganized fashion. (Can also apply to one person.)
Ex: "The people in the marketing department need some organization. They are always running off in all directions." -
" Stop running off in all directions and focus your energy."

Also: "run off in all directions"

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