Rules and exceptions of English spelling

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Rules and exceptions of English spelling

Post  Vincent Law on Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:38 am

Below are the 80 basic English spelling rules which have exceptions, with examples of the 150 main and 78 less common ways in which they get broken:

Cat - plait meringue
plate - wait weight straight great vein reign tabledahlia champagne fete
play - they weigh ballet cafe matinee
air - care bear aerial their there questionnaire
car – are, heart + (Southern Engl. bath)
sauce - caught bought always tall crawl
saw - (UK also: or, four, more)
C/at/ot/ut - character, kangaroo, queue
crab/ clap - chrome
lilac - stomach, anorakneck - cheque
Chat - picture
clutch - much

Dad - blonde

End - head any said Wednesday friend leisure leopard bury
her - turn bird learn word journey
Eel - eat even ceiling field police people me key ski debris quay
jolly - trolley movie corgi

Fish - photo stuff rough
Garden - ghastly guard
House – who

Ink - mystery pretty sieve women busy build
bite - might style mild kind eider height climb island indict sign
my - high pie rye buy I eye

Jelly, jig – gentle, ginger
fidget - digit

Kite/ kept - chemistry
seek - unique
risk - disc mosque

Lips - llama
Mum - dumb autumn
Nose - knot gone gnome mnemonic

On - cough sausage
want – wont
quarrel - quod
mole - bowl roll soul old mould boast most goes mauve
toe - go dough sew cocoa pharaoh oh depot

Oil - oyster
toy - buoy

food - rude shrewd move group fruit truth tomb manoeuvre
blue do shoe through
good - would put woman courier

Order – board court
wart, quart – worn quorn
more - soar door four war swore abhor

Out - town
now - plough

Quick - acquire choir
Rug - rhubarb write

Sun - centre scene
face - case
fancy - fantasy

Shop - chute sure moustache liquorice
ignition - mission pension suspicion fashion
ambitious - delicious luscious
facial - spatial

Tap, pet - pterodactyl two debt
delicate - democrat

Up - front some couple blood
cute - you newt neutral suit beauty Tuesday nuclear
cue - few view menu

have - spiv
river - chivvy

Window - which
fix - accept except exhibit
Yak - use

Zip - xylophone
rose - froze

measure - azure

Endings and prefixes
loveable - credible
vertical - novel anvil petrol
ordinary - machinery inventory century carpentry
fasten - abandon truncheon orphan goblin certain
absence - balance
absent - pleasant
father - author armour nectar centre injure quota
decide - divide
indulge - endure

Consonant doubling:
merry – very - serrated
Vincent Law
Advanced Fluency
Advanced Fluency

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